CACK is our “Consumer Action Committee for KosChertified?”.  It constitutes a group of volunteers who wish to become active members of a consumer group that will 1) seek out more products for our database, 2) write food producers regarding the issues of kosher-certification, 3) provide feedback to us on correspondence with food companies, 4) help out in Social Media promotions for our issues, 5) and assist in other public action that will promote awareness and answer questions regarding The Kosher Question (The KQ). 

In general, CACK will strive to provide one action per month. When you click the Join CACK link, you are voluntarily providing us your email address so that we may coordinate consumer action directly with you. If, at a later time, you wish to be removed from CACK, please send us an email with the subject line “OPT OUT”. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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