Kosher Chocolates and Candy

Their marketing seal for “Fresh Milk” stands out, on the front and large

America’s veteran chocolate company has their famous chocolate bar kosher-certified. Did you know this? In fact, next Halloween when you check out every individual candy bar, you may find that all of the different brands are! But if the agencies claim that the kosher seal is a marketing tool that makes for better sales, why would this kosher seal be hidden under the flap of this packaging?

Consumers must search for the kosher seal – it’s hidden

Clearly, we can also deduce from this candy bar topic that “kosher-certified” does not necessarily equate to “healthy” foods. Even the rabbis admit this in their kosher articles, and the agencies usually attach the word “perceived” along with “healthy” to maintain a modicum of honesty regarding the marketing of kosher goods.

Same company – Hershey’s
Same placement of kosher seal
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