Dishwasher Detergents and Dish Soaps

This particular brand of popular dishwasher detergent is certified kosher by the largest kosher-certification agency in the world. But if this certification is to be attractive and benefit sales, consumers may wonder why the kosher symbol is so small (see the circled “U” below the “C” in Cascade)? You will also find the leading American dishwasher Rinse Aid certified by the same agency, but hardly anyone knows this. One may ask, if kosher-certification were so desired, why not add in large letters “KOSHER” on the packaging? Inquiring minds want to know! We believe that this would do better service for kosher-keepers seeking this out, while at the same time informing the general public on some of the “extras” they have been paying for.

On a related topic, did you know that most of the major dish soaps you’ll find in the grocery store are all certified kosher by a rabbinical agency? However, the KosChertified? App shows several brands that are not! Most U.S. customers can find this large 135 FL OZ Premium Liquid Dish Soap at Costco. As we post this, It shows no sign of kosher-certification on its label.

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