Chick-Fil-A Response to Going Kosher

Besides having some of the best tasting chicken available in a fast-food chain restaurant, Chick-Fil-A offers a variety of dipping sauces unsurpassed by competitors. Upon glancing at the front label of the small packages, we scrutinized every word and symbol for signs of official kosher-certification – to no avail! It seemed implausible that all these flavors, “Honey Mustard”, “Polynesian”, “Zesty Buffalo”, “Barbeque”, “Garlic & Herb Ranch”, “Sweet & Spicy Sriracha”, and of course “Chick-Fil-A” would have escaped such religious supervision in today’s food market. For go into any other restaurant and the odds are excellent that whatever condiments are offered to you, they are likely certified kosher.

We had to get confirmation of this, of course. And so we wrote their headquarters, inquiring if their sauces and other servings were kosher-certified by any rabbinical agencies. In less than one business day we received a strikingly honest response from “Chick-Fil-A CARES”:

“Because of our immensely diverse customer base, we are not able to tailor menu items that reflect all individual preferences, including religious restrictions. The strict qualifications that must be met to serve kosher foods, for example, present significant operational challenges that Chick-Fil-A cannot meet at this time.”

How refreshing and realistic a  response! If, by chance, you are not a kosher-keeper, then perhaps now is the time to discover this franchise – a place where you can “Exercise Your Dietary Free Will”!

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