Snack Bars

Snack bars have been marketed in many different forms to the consumer public. We find “Energy” bars, “Protein” bars, “Nutrition” bars, “Granola” bars, and good old “Snack” Bars. One thing that differentiates these tasty between-meal food products from regular old “candy bars” is that almost every name-brand candy bar IS kosher-certified by a rabbinical agency (usually that really big one that’s been ‘round for almost a century) – and that’s still not the case for snack bars!

We discovered three brands of snack bars that are NKC (that’s NOT Kosher-Certified for all you Newbies). The most prominent brand is PowerBar, and they have different types like Clean Whey Protein Bars, Plant Protein, and Protein Plus. Other brands include Pure Protein Bar (by Worldwide Sport Nutritional Supplements, Inc.), Power Crunch (by Bionutritional Research Group), and the very popular Nature Valley granola bars.

There are still a few NKC snack bars – NOT Kosher Certified

One thing that stands out with many of these bars is that they contain very numerous ingredients. And in order for the final product to receive that kosher seal, all the sub-ingredients need to be certified or considered kosher by the agencies. For smaller companies on asking about their kosher-status, we got answer like this: “We have not gone through the process [yet]”. From PowerBar they responded with a negative because “they contain gelatin from bovine or porcine sources”. The general premise we get from most of these responses is that they would lean on getting their product certified kosher if they could. That restricting factor is usually one or more troublesome ingredients or the financial outlay that must be made. They would also give up some sort of control over every aspect in the production of their product! 

So even though most consumers, and we really mean MOST consumers, wouldn’t even know what a kosher seal looked like, the food manufacturers are eager to get this certification done. So why not go out there and experience intervention-free snacks while you still can! Some are Gluten Free and some are labeled Non-GMO, and you all can read those marketing seals without magnifying glasses! We found one with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, and one that is Certified Vegan! So enjoy!

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