Review of the Book “From Kosher to Halal”

When greed, politics and the sneaky destruction of Western Civilization intertwine

On May 5, 2020, a notable Ph.D. by the name of Andrew Joyce published his thorough review of the book “From Kosher to Halal: When Greed, Politics, and the Sneaky Destruction of Western Civilization Intertwine” by Suzanne Bousquet. Dr. Joyce has written over 200 essays and reviews on the subject of Jewish influence, and the kosher certification industry certainly lies within that subject-matter. And so, it is especially gratifying to have had Dr. Joyce read this “fascinating combination of religious study, history, and contemporary political commentary” and deliver his expert opinion on the importance of this unique book.

Dr. Joyce: “Bousquet’s extremely well-researched, well-written, and tightly argued book brings an entirely different, and infinitely more professional, level of detail and context to this quite convoluted subject, and she connects dots I barely knew existed. In the following review I want to offer a summary of what I now regard as an essential text in the study of Jewish influence on Western modernity.”

Please take some time to read the entire review here: 

Review of the Book: From Kosher to Halal

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