A Piggly Wiggly supermarket, 1918, just five years before industrialized kosher certification would begin with the involvement of the Heinz Company.

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Discussion of ‘The Kosher Question’ can be found by downloading the KosChertified? App: Simply click the appropriate “Android App” or “Web App” button on our Home Page. There are many aspects worth learning about, as this food and kitchen-related industry is very dominant in our lives – whether you knew this or not!

This app not only provides awareness to kosher-certification, but provides consumers with smart grocery list functionality to help in their daily shopping routine! Our app features a robust database of food and kitchen products that are NOT Kosher-Certified (NKC). Users can create their own list as selected for the purpose that suits them (either including or excluding for their grocery purchases). 

The content of the KosChertified? App has been written in a fair and balanced manner with respect to all peoples, religions and our Constitution’s First Amendment. It delivers transparency and essential understanding of relevant issues in today’s food industry and culture.

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